We’ve GOTTA celebrate something together!
I have both a dream, and a little bit of a soapbox I have tried not to step up on, about students supporting missions (or SOMETHING outside of themselves in the world). I’ve almost written a blog a couple times, and then I back off.
We (I say we cause I was there) say, “broke!”, #thestruggle, and talk on inching cars along with gas on E.
**I am not talking to those actually fighting and working hard to get by, who pay bills and support family or others. I am talking on those with time and money management that keep Taco Bell wrappers filling the car and fashion changes based on the season.
Y’all have SO MUCH MONEY. SO MUCH. YES, it can get stretched thin and there are so many things it CAN be used on. Yes, gas adds up quick and food and needs for school and life add up to. But any pair of shoes that you do not NEED (like, you need it for a purpose and not a fashion choice), any form of entertainment (from monthly subscriptions to a new gadget), and the amount of times a week you eat away from home tell the story without a bank account being seen.
There is so much potential for personal, generational, and world change if people would step up and make decisions that reflect generosity and money that is not ‘yours’ starting NOW, not before ‘an adult job’.
So to my point:
I want to CELEBRATE the world changers who are unseen, no one knows what they are doing. 
Because of my role as Compassion Corp Director, I get an insider’s peek as people fundraise, fail, get up again, get encouraged, get discouraged and doubtful, put themselves out there, debate where they could go for help. And then sometimes I hear the stories that turned their doubt around, or encouraged them, or straight had them dancing around the living room.
A student who is fundraising recently had a conversation with me where I suggested what I was just talking about – I said they should try asking  peers. Which sounds crazy. Students don’t have money, or they will say they won’t. Adults and people with jobs and $35 fancy lunches out can’t do $25 a month….a student? That’s the best suggestion you’ve got, director? (Plus – awkward to ask friends).
That afternoon, I got a text about three new financial partners for this Compassion Corp student.
I talked with this student, so encouraged and hopeful about this being doable, and heard more behind stories of complete opposite reactions to what was expected. Generosity, excitement, and encouragement from peers. After school jobs as a source of world change. Instead of shame or awkward conversations, there is an environment of mission, chasing Jesus, and “yes” in the unseen and mundane.
Because these partners will not be known or look for recognition, I’ve gotta say it. I’ve gotta celebrate it. The counter-cultural lief choices, the decisions to honor God that NO ONE will see or know (except for the Compassion Corp student it affects and an accounting firm that doesn’t know the giver), the mundane, the unseen.
This will and already is transforming spaces, y’all.
I have dreamed and written and prayed on the potential if a generation would live like this. I could talk all morning on it with you. But you’ve given before, some time in your life. You’ve said an unseen yes before, some time in your life. I know that you already know what I mean when I say that students – high schoolers, college students – taking opportunities NOW and not separating it from themselves “for the future”, “once I’m an adult”….will change the world.
If you are one of those people – I AM CELEBRATING YOU. Just as much as a Compassion Corp student stepping out in a yes, I am celebrating YOU. I believe in YOU. I am here, I am persevering and creating and dreaming of how to equip and unleash young leaders – because of YOU.
Mundane, unseen yeses and acts of obedience and generosity will revolutionize and change this world quicker than you can say “I bought a pair of TOMS last week”.
Keep being the difference, students. This is me, cheering you on for what no one knows that you are doing.

Mw Pa Kabap Anko

Last night I watched and listened as someone stopped believing in the potential to change Haiti.

I watched a young man who has spent the entire past year, on top of a lifetime here, fighting to love others and react differently and plant vision and push through difficulty….I heard a tone in his voice as it cracked and broke and the sound of hopelessness.

Being done.

Being finished.

Changing dreams and vision, “I always said that everyone wanted to leave Haiti but I would stay. That I could visit other places but I’d always come back here because there is work to be done. I can’t. I can always visit, but I can’t stay here.”

In the middle of pain, hurt, the reality of day to day, the way that corrupt systems trap people in the middle of a rock and a hard place, he kept talking. Saying things I have never heard from him. It all came out at once.

“Haiti resembles a place to put your cattle and goats. It’s not for people.”

This is not said lightly. This is not said after the first hardship. This is not a rambling talk to a group of people. This was one person, in a moment of hurt and weakness and exhaustion, being done. He literally said, “I’ve been trying to have strength, and I know God gives it, but I am done. I don’t have strength anymore. I can’t find strength anymore.”

I say this because we must hear this.

We cannot imagine.

Our presence, our encouragement, our prayer matters.

Deep, deep truths and pushing to CHRIST matters. Christ – and a deep theology that includes suffering – is a MUST. It is not an option and stopping at efforts to love and give without this leaves people at the end of themselves.

These emotions will come to everyone. Betrayal and corruption and jealousy and even just the strain of poverty are so real.

We MUST come alongside.

This is why your presence matters.

This is why disciple making matters.

This is why staying in hard places matters.

This is why experience trips and connections in partnership matter. Our American worldview cannot comprehend the hurt and hardship. I’m not talking food and water and heat – I’m talking people and systems and communities and family. Both the beauty and heartbeat of it all and the very thing that can eat and destroy your courage and wring you out when it is filled with darkness and not light.

Syrian disciples and the less than 2% of disciples in Turkey may comprehend this worldview. Inner city pastors wrung out in the middle of relationships with addicts and broken family cycles may comprehend it. I could start listing but the point is so many of us, including myself, need to hear the worldview of our brothers and sisters.

I have been here about three years and am just STARTING to comprehend it (and let me tell you…just starting to comprehend is heavy. I cannot imagine a lifetime).

There is a hope and Jesus is SO real and active and God will not leave or forsake and there is an active plan and purpose even in this. I do not want to post this and leave everyone feeling hopeless.

I don’t want to post this and say it’s the end for my friend – that he won’t be infused with strength yet again by the Holy Spirit.

As he says “Mw pa kapab anko”, my heart shatters for how he feels now and my soul clings to Jesus and says, “Please do your work”. (Mw pa kapab anko – I cannot anymore)

I KNOW that the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot distinguish it.

But as we talk redeeming spaces…oh, friends. Oh, community. I want to be real and open you to this glimpse.

This is why we beg for your prayers, thank you with no words sufficient for you doing life with us, and why it must be Jesus. There is no other.

This is not the end of the story. The end of the story is in Revelation 22, “No longer will there be a curse on anything…”

But it is a part of the story. And I want to share it as 1 Corinthians 12 talks about the body of Christ… “This makes for harmony among the members, so that the members care for each other. If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad.”


Rabbit Trails.

I am the queen of rabbit trails. It’s the way my brain works, stemming off from one topic to another and thinking about expanded perspective and every side of the prism being seen. I am either very quiet and avoiding small talk, or I am a never ending flow of words if we’re talking about something I care about. No middle ground some days.

So it’s fitting that I’m often caught and brought into a truth on the way to another thing I am looking into.

Tonight I’m on the way to encouragement and depth as I am discouraged and my heart and mind need refreshed cause we’re on this side of the new earth and heaven. People are hard to do life with, and I am hard to do life with when I get inside my head too much. People hurt people sometimes, especially hurting people. People misunderstand, especially when you’re trying to aim at Jesus – the ultimate example of being misunderstood (His own BFFs and life on life community…..SO often on a different page).

Here’s the point:

I’m flipping there,

and I pass the book of Jonah,

and once again I am reminded that He is furiously chasing after lost people and will do what it takes to extend OCEANS of grace and mercy. And I am a part of that story. And we will keep going.

Cause it’s about the Ninevites.

And He clearly says that they are worth it.

Heartbeat Bill

One of the best things I’ve heard on the pro-life/pro-choice topic – don’t be half in. Go to the end, the logical results.

My feeds are quickly blowing up with news of this new bill.

Please, please, please…..there are adoptions and foster children who need you to step up for the other side of pro-life.

There are young men and young women who would be transformed by models sacrificing time and resources to be a part of their life – whether it’s a program like Big Brother, Big Sister or simply your neighbor.

Men – hold your peers up to a standard of respecting and fighting for women.

Women – stop fighting and comparing. Fight to be family with other women, especially young women.

No matter what your stance is on pro-life or pro-choice – I believe that pro-life going to the furthest ends of the consequences and effects and far reaches of what “pro-life” talks about is something everyone would agree on in redeeming spaces.

For me, this has looked like the risk of personally seriously investing in young women who turned to young mothers after saying no to back alley abortions they were considering. I never planned on investment, I planned on “loving”…praying….and then you can’t deny opportunities in front of you that if you don’t step up, who will? This demands time. It demands resources. It demands patience. It demands slowing down. It demands my agenda being second. It means lots of grace with myself, it means this “I’m not really a kid person” girl is now the one holding the kiddos on Monday nights. It is worth it. Spaces are redeemed. Christ does SO much with action louder than opinion.

Sports Analogies Aren’t My Strong Spot.

If you’ve been following this blog from day 1, you’ll remember that I started with saying, “I don’t like the term missionary”.
Now – this has NOTHING to do with the term itself and what it means and everything to do with what happens in Average Joe’s mind when he hears the term.
African Sahara. Long skirts and out of fashion clothing combinations. Polaroids and stories from the jungle. Saving the world, twenty orphans at a time while climbing a mountain and translating the Bible into a new language in between sharing the gospel home to home.
A superhero.
A separate category of Christian.
A varsity player on the Jesus team.
Instead…I quote it ALL the time, what Charles Spurgeon said – “You are either a missionary or an impostor.”
I seek to encourage people that there is not a “better” or “higher level” of loving Jesus and loving others.
And then last year, 2015, I struggled internally and didn’t tell people.
I’m here to confess that I apparently was operating from the exact same mindset I set against. 
I isolated myself. I judged myself on ridiculously high standards of how little I was “out in the community” when my role changed. I counted NONE of the management of the Breathe Center or leading teams or pouring into young adults or creating opportunities for local young leaders as a win or productive or building into something.
Because God is good and redeeming spaces INCLUDING my heart and mind, 2016 has been a year of breaking chains and growing and perspective and learning – but like all growth, this is not 0 – 100 in a week. It is a slow process filled with rabbit trails and intertwined issues and topics.
And you know what the root here is? It’s thinking, even subconsciously, that there are Varsity and Junior Varsity players in this game. This game being this eternal story played out in front of us that we are purposed for and invited to be involved in and fully alive in. It is believing that if I am not Katie Davis (Kisses From Katie, it’s a book that at least half of y’all have read I’m pretty sure) and adopting 12+ girls while also cooking rice and beans for hundreds on the daily and ending every day with miles walked in the dust of the country I love and live in….then I have been demoted. I am JV. I still believed that we are all missionaries or importers – thus, throwing out the separation of “missionary” from “accountant in Cleveland”, but I let the culture tell me that there are levels and gold stars in this missionary life.
There aren’t.
Y’all – This is the EXACT thing I fight against American friends and family of mine thinking. And I have operated from it subconsciously! Of course – harder on self than the very advice I give.
Here’s how crazy it is. My role is developing and deepening as Director of Compassion Corp. Before 2017 even starts, the program size has doubled (from 3 to 7) and there are BIG plans for the future. This is happening at the same time as we deepen in urban initiatives in Pennsylvania, where we want to plug Compassion Corp in as well. We have students at Great Commission Bible Institute in Sebring, Florida. My role is more and more pouring into young leaders. Even in Haiti, my capacity is limited and so my life on life is with a few local young leaders and not much past that now in my typical day to day. That’s a dope stuff that God has clearly created my personality, passions, and giftings for.
And the crazy part is (a paragraph later…) I have subconsciously been so hard on my self. Ignoring the good and judging what I am not doing. Comparing 2016 to 2013 and ranking myself as “B Team” because my life has transitioned into new roles instead of moto rides and sitting in a wicker chair watching life go on around me. I ignored the hundreds of team members coming through Breathe Center in Bercy per year, the beautiful relationships with community members and the leaders I am pouring into, the projects and improvements of the Breathe Center, the records broken each year with Compassion Corp as it grows (and digs deeper) each year. Also, the place hasn’t burnt down or anything like that. Oh – and this is all in two languages. And so on – you get the point. All of it missed.
You know what this has held me back from? Developing as a leader into where I have been placed. Celebrating wins all over. Intentionally influencing culture and environment where I AM instead of judging where I am not. Diving in to increasing the potential and awesomeness of where God has stitched me to be. Celebrating who I am instead of being harsh on where and what I am not. Thriving instead of surviving and struggling to get a peek over the fence of the lush, green grass I swear I can see on the other side.
I have not even mentioned how this keeps me from missing the point: Jesus. The patterns of my mind being submitted more and more over the years to the Spirit to be renewed. The fruits I am learning, even if through circumstances I don’t always want to be in, like joy and faithfulness and self control. The reality that my Bible is becoming “home” more and more over time than any place that people I love and do life with live. The realization of what little emphasis I put on love when 1 Corinthians 13 is clear it is everything, and then learning with Him on what in the world to do with that truth. Young leaders falling in love with Jesus. Young leaders inviting other young leaders to fall in love with Jesus. Lost sheep coming to join the 99 after YEARS and many people throwing their hands in the air, the classic, “it’s hopeless, I give up” move. And then, ON TOP OF JESUS, He has given me a beautiful and active purpose in the midst of being so fully alive.
There are no JV followers of Jesus.
We need to start straight saying NO to subconscious “rankings”.
This doesn’t get to hold us back, unintentionally judge others, create expectations, think less of ourselves, make excuses, and create weird invisible lines anymore in our global family.
Also….this ONCE AGAIN puts us back into chains and slavery. IT IS NOT WORKS. This is a faith by works mentality!
Whew. One again, I once was blind – but now I see.

Long Term Partnership Means

Long term partnership means that because of strong and sacrificial core, I can get all teary eyed as I look at pictures of adorable pictures of TiKris on her 18th birthday. I’ve known her since she was 14 and her eyes lit up learning she was born almost exactly when my brother was. Before she knew she’s be a mother so young, before she had to leave school – which she wasn’t taking super seriously anyway. Before she knew she was going to be a Young Lights leader, or the girl that races ahead of any North American girls studying Beth Moore’s Esther…she is always days ahead as she soaks up learning about God’s character and plan for his daughters. Before I fell in love with her hilarious son because he was just a thought. Before she would ever dare meeting up with friends, teenage girls, as school starts to pray together to start the day. Before seeing her responsibly take on jobs and thrive in organizing sponsorship (she does jobs way better than we can!). Before knowing she was going to be living on her own (without either parent, just siblings and cousins) before she’d be allowed to drive back in Ohio.

Oh. My. Heart. I am so thankful for the people who PRAY and GIVE and ENCOURAGE and so much more to be a part of this family doing life together. We are not changing Haiti and bringing a 10 million person revolution all at once or saving lives or inventing hope (God was in Haiti before we learned it was not in Africa), but we ARE learning. We are being present – and saying sorry when we are not good at being present. We are watching others fall in love with Jesus and then themselves, and then flourish in that space. We are doing life ALONGSIDE of and laughing at water fights and playing soccer where we probably shouldn’t. We are eating banana bread and learning how to make it together, and not being offended when American spaghetti is considered gross and clearly not enjoyed. We are shocked at our love for crushed cornmeal and bean sauce, and we have learned to make juices that scream “Caribbean livin’!” on a Saturday morning. We are praying for and learning how to make spaces where real conversations can happen and a counter cultural welcoming atmosphere can become the norm. We are praying against fear to keep loving people even though long term means being here long enough to get hurt as well.

Some days I feel useless and like I’ve accomplished nothing…in fact, I think that the only thing I have done is hurt with all my mishaps and all (those are lies, I know – but they are real). Today I am reminded of what it is about.

She hasn’t stopped by yet as I work on “office stuff” downstairs and check in on my monthly support, seeing where I am at with goals for January that haven’t been met yet. I am SO excited that the gap is decreasing! I dread asking. I will do it anyway cause really, what’s the worst that can happen? You think I’m in it for the money? One of the things we pray is to let go of approval of man – maybe that is why I have been stitched together to fit into a space where I have to fundraise!

So, here’s the other side of long term partnership – the underside, the gears the make the watch tick:

I am only $724 per month away from my goals!

That means if all of the individual who partner with me increased their partnership by $5  (we used to say “a burrito at Chipotle….those days are long over. Dezole),

1 individual (or business) partnered for $100 a month,

1 individual partnered for $75 a month,

2 individuals partnered for $50 a month,

and 3 individuals partnered for $25 a month…

I would be SET! For leading Compassion Corp, connecting with amazing young leaders who are going against this culture’s grain and passionately planning study for their peers week to week, dreaming and implementing more sustainable ways to partner, helping manage experience teams, learning and growing with pastors and the community, and all we are led to do in transforming spaces – we’d be 100%!

So I’m sharing for those of you looking for a place to make a difference that is deeper than a donation into a big organization, one that you aren’t sure where it ends up. This partnership would go straight to me and look like relationships, maintenance, logistics, communication, and planning for dreaming for the future with young adults. I write on this topic that will make people close the tab and keep browsing because somewhere out there, God’s tugging on hearts for the next place to come alongside. My place is to let people know, cause we’ve been praying for this support to come in!

Thanks for loving me, for encouraging me, for reading, for messaging, for supporting, for PRAYING. Thanks for sharing this blog when you consider it something you want others to read and thanks for commenting encouragement. If you are still reading this, thanks for sticking to the end of the blog! You can e-mail me at to connect on this, or you can comment, or you can check out the website for Breathe here! (I am Stephanie Taylor).

Have a great weekend, y’all!







I cannot imagine losing one of my teenage brothers. My heart aches for sisters all over America.

I want to use my voice to say that I am sure it is not a light thing to be the one who has to make the split second decision that an officer is trained to make, decisions that are necessary to train for in their dangerous and self-sacrificing line of work.

I also want to use my voice to say that it is not fair that I do not have to have the same fears as others about my brothers being exactly what they are – teenage boys.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, their towering height is not perceived as a threat as quickly to strangers.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, their stupid decisions (because all individuals under the age of 25 haven’t fully developed parts of the brain that think long term) have a lower risk of them ending as a statistic or a hashtag.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, you don’t double check your locks or avoid eye contact. You aren’t conscious of the bag you are carrying when they pass you on the sidewalk.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, hoodies and being out late at night are a part of life that is associated with being typical, not being criminal.









Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I want to celebrate every time that they seek to learn from others.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I value every experience that increases their celebration of diversity and brings perspective to their worldview.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I will get uncomfortable and risk the push back of a controversial post.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I will annoy them with taking up an afternoon or two with explaining systemic racism and the jump start we have with our lighter skin – our ancestors were most likely getting educated and employed while our friend’s ancestors were building this country with their blood and children and no credit for it.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I pray that they are growing to have genuine, deep, life-sharing friendships with people of all walks of life.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I will ask them if they want to purposely eat at a restaurant where we may meet someone who just moved to America, or whose family sacrificed everything to get them here when they were a child.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I will pray for wisdom with my passion as it tends to act before I pray – I want to model how to advocate and not stay silent, but I don’t want to walk all over others and thus be a noisy gong.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes, I started writing this blog when there was a sister who lost her brother in Central Ohio last week. I saved it as a draft. I don’t want to get in the mix, start comments, or speak when I know so little.

Because my brothers have white skin and blue eyes – silence is a privilege that I have the option to sit in. I am not perfect. I do not know everything to say here. I may easily get facts wrong or rub someone the wrong way.

But if I would argue so fiercely that you should not choose silence with the gospel just because there is always more to learn, always a question you will not be able to answer – how in the world can I justify choosing silence on an issue that is clearly a part of a holistic gospel?

I want to be a part of redeeming spaces.

I want to be a part of this space being redeemed.